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City of Austin Power Plant.

AV Capital is a purpose-driven private equity firm with a reputation for outstanding investment returns and collaborative partnerships

Eight years after its founding in 2016, AV Capital is evolving - focusing even more on purpose, expanding our team and pursuing new markets. We are passionate about helping middle market, founder-owned companies achieve the next level of success. With more than $700 million of equity investments in 15 platform companies, we have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding investment returns, building collaborative partnerships and offering unparalleled guidance to management teams across industrial and business services, value added distribution, niche manufacturing, and most recently government technology companies.


AV Capital at its core is about relationships.  We understand that building trust with business owners is key to success – which is why we are committed to creating long-term relationships that last well beyond the exit.  We invest in people with shared values, who run companies driven by their own purpose. Leveraging our capital, guidance and expertise, we  unlock the full growth potential for our partner companies.


Our founder Vernon Bryant brings a wealth of experience.  Prior to AV Capital, Vernon was co-leader of the Middle Market investment practice at Austin Ventures, one of the most established venture capital firms in the nation with $3.9 billion under management and a 30+ year track record of investing in entrepreneurial businesses.  He brings decades of proven success transitioning middle market, founder-owned companies to institutional ownership, surpassing expectations of what you believe your business is capable of.


Brian Utley joined AV Capital in 2023.  He understands founders and CEOs in a very unique way.  He founded and grew a public sector procurement technology company Periscope Holdings from humble beginnings of $1 million to $40 million in revenue, leading the company through a private equity recapitalization, follow-on acquisitions and eventual successful exit. Brian knows the real struggles a CEO faces, from making payroll to selecting a private equity partner.  He comes to the role of investor and advisor with empathy and wisdom.


Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and a direct result of our core values

  • Integrity - we are honest, loyal and always do the right thing
  • Transparency - we are straightforward and fully disclosive in our communications
  • Teamwork – we are consensus builders, who make decisions together and share in the outcome 
  • Excellence – we set a high standard for ourselves and continually go the extra mile
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